Be a Lifelong Learner

We've personally struggled with obscure, business concepts that are unbelievably confusing. We've felt extreme moments of 'feeling lost,' and it's from those experiences, and seeking help, that we've realized we're not alone in understanding the challenges of the B2B ecosystem.

We approach every new client situation from the mindset of a perpetual beginner. We always find a way to dig deep and share stories in interesting ways, creating a sustainable, mutual learning process between companies and their customers.

Invest in Value

Conversion optimization is the heart and soul of B2B marketing, but at the end of the day, success is driven by authenticity and relationship-building -- not tips and tricks. We help every single client build authentic relationships with customers. The more that we -- and out customers -- invest in delivering value, the higher sales value we drive.

Empower the Customer

Today's customers are entirely self-directed and research driven. We succeed at driving conversions and sales when we empower our audiences to make their best decisions. We don't write copy for the sake of writing copy. Rather, we uncover your audience's deepest motivations and help them imagine your company, product, and brand as core parts of their lives.

Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri

Co-founder & CEO

Ritika started Storyhackers as an un-named freelance writing business in 2010. Determined to grow her mini-business into ‘the real deal’ she took it full-time in 2013. Ritika is the company’s resident content machine and writer. She works with every single client (yes seriously) on content strategy and creation. She’s written more blog posts, ebooks, and case studies than she can count, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Before Storyhackers, Ritika led strategic partnership initiatives for one of the world’s biggest finance publishers — and prior to that, she built large-scale frameworks for marketing and ad tech data. She holds an MA in Demographic and Social Analysis (stats for social sciences) from UC Irvine and a BA in Literature from Claremont McKenna College.

Justin Strauss

Justin Strauss

Co-founder, COO & CTO

Justin joined Storyhackers in 2014 to keep the business side of things in check. As COO, he is responsible for developing processes to grow the company at a healthy and sustainable rate. Justin is leading strategy and operations for the company’s up-and-coming business education offering. Prior to joining Storyhackers, Justin was a data scientist at a large pharmaceutical company and also worked in the areas of epidemiology and marketing research consulting. He holds an MA in Demographic and Social Analysis and a BA in Sociology from UC Irvine.