Entrepreneur community seeks opportunities to develop its content strategy, improve its blog-to-subscriber conversion funnel, more effectively engage its community, and build a curriculum for subscription-based educational offering.


Need, an education company whose mission is to help entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their companies reached out to Ritika at Storyhackers with a single, yet impactful question — ‘how can we leverage our blog and community of experts to create new distribution and revenue opportunities for Clarity?’

The answer to this question was in Clarity’s biggest untapped asset: its community.



Clarity worked with Ritika at Storyhackers to create a content production and distribution strategy from the ground up. Ritika also worked with Clarity’s founder to build the curriculum of the site’s educational offering, Clarity Live — a monthly subscription that teachers subscribers the basics of fundraising, growth marketing, product development, and legal.

Ritika created an impactful content program and build distribution relationships between Clarity and her network of media partners. She also worked with Clarity’s community of influencers to grow website traffic and increase the company’s influence.


Ritika’s strategic plan tripled Clarity’s blog traffic and resulted in the successful launch and growth of Clarity Live, the company’s business education offering. She also build close relationships with media partners, including but not limited to The Next Web, Business Insider, and LinkedIn Pulse.

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