New video website, conceptualized and launched by Discovery Media, seeks opportunities to improve conversion rates for audience retention and engagement.

Need, an education company whose mission is to connect audiences with new opportunities to learn, reached out to Storyhackers with a single, yet impactful question — ‘what opportunities exist for us to convert early funnel audiences into long-term, repeat users?’

The answer to this question was the polar opposite of straightforward.

With a mission to constantly delight and inspire their audiences, Curiosity’s team members wanted more than a generic ‘best practices’ sheet for how to influence their core user experience goals. Curiosity’s leadership team hired Ritika via Storyhackers to discovery new opportunities to engage and retain their unique audience.


Ritika used a research-driven approach to answer Curiosity’s core question, conducting qualitative interviews with dozens of website users. We put together an analysis and framework for Curiosity to invest in its core product, market, and growth strategy.

These interviews helped Curiosity establish a clear, customer-driven order of priority for the types of content that the site should be promoting as well as the marketing features necessary to drive distribution.

Outcome will be reinvesting the findings of this analysis into next year’s product release cycle. The brand came away with a clear set of ‘low hanging’ yet impact action items to prioritize and integrate into its core brand strategy. In a recent website experiment, one of Ritika’s recommendations increased conversion rates by more than double.

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