Lean Startup Productions

Cofounded in 2013 by Eric Ries and Sarah Milstein, Lean Startup Productions is a media company that teaches entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs how to build high-growth ventures.


Every December, The Lean Startup Conference connects entrepreneurial leaders from around the world and teaches them how to manage for innovation. Ritika from Storyhackers supported Sarah Milstein, CEO of Lean Startup Productions, in building the 2014 150+ speaker and mentor curriculum.

The Lean Startup Conference isn’t your everyday tech event. The conference’s planning team places heavy emphasis on in-depth educational opportunities and consistently builds a diverse speaker panel. Receiving more than 300 speaker submissions, Lean Startup Productions worked with Ritika to find, recruit, and coach speakers who could provide the most value during the December 2014 event in San Francisco.


Ritika vetted speaker proposals while conducting customer development to understand the Lean Startup Conference’s audience’s most pressing needs. She spoke to more than 150 speaker applicants and ultimately selected 70 who she onboarded, managed, and coached. Speakers included experienced business leaders including VPs at ad tech companies and heads of legal at top technology companies. What Ritika found most rewarding, however, is that many of these speakers were new to the conference circuit. Ritika was excited to help their teachings and messaging be heard for the very first time.


The Lean Startup Conference experienced a record year in terms of attendance and growth. More than 1,300 attendees traveled to San Francisco, representing corporate teams from companies like Intuit, VSP, Disney, and others. As Ritika writes this customer story, The Lean Startup Productions team is still calculating results and evaluating customer feedback. Many attendees have rated the event ‘the best conference that they have ever attended,’ and Ritika is excited to have had the opportunity to educate so many entrepreneurs.

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