Social media analytics platform for Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr educates audience of social media managers.


Piqora, the complete marketing and analytics suite for the visual web, builds demand gen and customer education programs around content. The company’s content team needed to produce a series of guides to help social media managers feel more empowered with data — for the goal of driving leads to the business.

Given that the B2B space is flooded with whitepapers and blog posts, Piqora needed a solution that would stand out from the noise with helpful, authentic, data-driven, and in-depth information. Piqora hired Ritika from Storyhackers to help achieve this ambitious goal.


Storyhackers has helped Piqora create a series of guides that incorporate real data, case studies, and interviews from social media managers who specialize in marketing strategies for Instagram and Pinterest. These whitepapers have served as lead generation magnets, customer education collateral, and blueprints for webinar presentations.


Piqora’s whitepapers and ebooks, produced with Storyhackers, generate tens of thousands of leads. Webinars have attracted thousands of attendees. To date, Ritika from Storyhackers has created Piqora’s highest performing ebooks (measured in terms of email marketing open rates, click-through rates, and leads generated).

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